October meeting wrap-up

The first step is always the most difficult. That certainly was the case at the start of our fifth season; every beginning is hard.


They also call it ‘teething problems’. Or New-Modelitis.  Lola’s brand-new computer was no guaranty for a faultless presentation. A less seasoned presenter than Lola Reid Allin might have fainted – or ran away.

Could this be a hint from ‘Above’ that our group should have its own lap-top computer?? (We already own the cables to connect to the overhead projector)

Nevertheless, “those who cannot compromise, are not worthy of getting into trouble’. Bill Murtha welcomed 41 returning members and 3 enthusiastic guest to the Brighton Photo Group and made a few announcements, (See below) including changing our usual meeting progression.

Mike Gaudaur informed us that BPG now has the beginning of its own Website — seems strange looking at the wrap-up here? Many, many thanks for doing that, Mike.
Tony Crocker explained his work with SPARK Photo Festival, and invited interested members to participate.

When the proverbial dust had settled, Lola R. showed us “Through my lens: Our World in My Perspective.” Her great variety of photographs from all over the world showed her talent for seeing beauty — even in even the direst conditions. Many ‘Black & Whites’ showed the timeless fascination for this ‘old’ medium is still as mesmerizing to use as it was 50 years ago. From a master-photographer we gleaned that an exemplary photograph not always has to be ‘tack sharp’ or perfectly in focus to convey a mood or tell a story.

After coffee / tea and delicious brownies from Marilyn, we continued to admire our own pictures “Less is More” and “Others” – with a few hints for improvements (needed after the long summer break?) from Lola.

Just wait to see what the organizing committee has lined up for the whole season!!

Other upcoming events:
Join instructor Robert Bailey, to learn basic information on common camera functions and shutter speeds. Bring your camera and tripod if you have one. We will be going outdoors for part of the class, so please wear appropriate clothing and footwear.
Wednesday – October 19, 2016 – 1-3pm
Fee: $10.00
The workshop takes place at:
Community Care Northumberland, 46 Prince Edward Street, Unit 13, Brighton (the plaza behind the LCBO)

AVRO ARROW: A Dream Denied
A special display for everyone interested in Canadian History and airplanes: “AVRO ARROW: A Dream Denied” is on from now to March 2017 in Bowmanville. More information here.

Here again are the picture display themes for 2016 / 2017:

                   October                        less is more (clean & simple)

                   November                    three 

                   December                    outside the box

                   January                        black & white

                   February                      shadows

                   March                           food for thought

                   April                              guess what

                   May                               wild and free

                   June                              buds

            !! Cut – Paste – Print – stick onto your fridge !!

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