April 7 Meeting – Cancelled due to Covid-19

For our April meeting we have another tag team provided by two of our members.

Our President, Joe Leduc will talk about 2 of his favourite topics – photographing Lightening and Photographing Fireworks. These are somewhat similar – they are both lights in the dark sky.

Joe’s credentials need no introduction. A professional photographer for many years in the GTA, moved to Brighton where we are so fortunate to share in his vast knowledge and enthusiasm.

At the April meeting, he will share his experience of photographing these iconic subjects.

The other half of the ‘tag team’ is our Treasurer Harry Kranenberg. One of the top topic requests from our member survey was for a presentation on HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography. Harry will tell us ‘everything we always wanted to know’ about this subject.

That takes care of the first half of the meeting.

During the break we will socialize and talk to other members over a coffee and treats provided by Marie. Be sure to bring a Loonie.

We will then have the 50/50 draw at $2 for 3 tickets.

After the break we will have the Member’s Slideshow. Be sure to upload your images to Ron at rvtrains@gmail.com.

The Critique Theme for April is STRENGTH. Members can provide prints or upload their images. The upload requires a password which, if you don’t have, you can request through the ‘Contact US’ form on the web home page. Upload the images through the ‘Upload Theme Image’ button and ignore the error messages, your image is uploaded despite these warnings.

Looking for a large turnout at the April Meeting, it will be a lot of fun as usual.

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