February 4th Meeting

Next month we welcome Mat Coker of Acorn and Oak Family Photography.

Mat is an accomplished Photographer who specializes in taking real portraits of Families.

Mat’s portraits are authentic and dynamic, and while they may appear candid, it is obvious that there is a plan and a method to bring order to a chaotic situation.

This quote from the Acorn and Oak website says it all.

“I photograph families because I know exactly what these moments mean to you – from kids and reunions, to 50th anniversaries and 90th birthdays – they mean the same to me.”

Mat is also a teacher and this should be an exciting and very relevant presentation as he shares his tips for creating dynamic group and very personal portraits.

The critique Theme for February is “Awkward”.

Please upload to the Theme Gallery and don’t forget to send images to Ron Viscosis at rvtrains@gmail.com.

January 7th Meeting

For the first meeting of 2020, we have Gilles Bisson who had to cancel in November.

The January 7th date gives everyone time to recover from the Holiday activities and get ready for another exciting year at the Brighton Photo Group.

Gilles took up photography seriously after retirement and is a member and contributor to many local area clubs. He attributes his growth as a photographer to club participation … interacting with other club members, participating in club activities and trying to improve by practicing on a continuous basis….. ie..learning from his mistakes.

“Photography is my excuse to go out and enjoy nature” … “it’s a never ending work in progress”. 

At the November Meeting Gilles will present: Black and White Images – A different medium to appreciate our photography. 

Gilles will focus on how to identify images that have a good chance of converting well to B&W with some tips on successfully converting images. He will go through some of the photos that he has converted …with a few technical issues thrown in.

The Theme for this meeting is “Times Gone By” and you are invited to upload to the Theme Gallery of bring a print in for positive critique by one of our esteemed judges.

To submit to the member’s slideshow, send images size maximum 1MB to Ron Viscosis rvtrains@gmail.com. A maximum of 5 images is suggested.

After Tim’s excellent presentation, we should all know how to limit the image size and put our names on the images.

At the last meeting the 2020 executive was elected

  • Chair Joe Leduc
  • Vice Chair John Zefara
  • Past Chair Marie Mitchell
  • Treasurer Harry Kranenburg
  • Secretary Sandy Wharry

So enjoy the Holidays and see you all in the NEW YEAR.

December 3rd Meeting

At this meeting we have a Tag Team of Mike Gaudaur and Tim Whitehouse, both well known BPG members.

Mike will demystify the Histogram. Understanding how to interpret the image histogram is key to getting better exposures and better images.

Tim will explain how to properly resize images especially with regard to submitting for our meeting slideshows. He will also show how to easily and tastefully provide the author’s identity on these images.

These were two of the top ideas requested on the survey asking what members would like to see at future meetings and we have two well qualified volunteers to answer these questions.

The Critique Theme for this meeting is ‘Solitude‘. You may bring your printed images for display on the board or you may submit through the web page upload. The password for submitting is ‘lighthouse‘. Please continue to ignore the error messages when you upload. Repairing this is challenging and may be with us for a while, but the images are uploading.

As usual we invite submission of up to 5 images for Ron’s slideshow. These images need to be smaller than 1MB in size. Submit to Ron Viscosis at
at least 1 week before the meeting to give Ron time to prepare. Tim will be talking about resizing images and adding your name at this meeting, so the process may be made a bit clearer if you are unsure of the best way to do this.

With Christmas around the corner we will provide an early opportunity to start celebrating. Members are invited to bring treats and snacks for an extended coffee break which will provide an opportunity for socializing and gaining weight. Remember not to bring for the whole group as everyone will be contributing and you have to take back what is not consumed.

See you all at the meeting .

Revised Agenda for November 5th Meeting

Due to a family emergency, Gilles Bisson will not be able to present at next Tuesday’s Meeting. At short notice, Brighton Photo Group member Ian Dickinson will present ‘How to make a Photo Slideshow’.

The presentation will cover generic themes: how to select images that show well, how to sequence images for maximum effect, how to select, convert and add music. Timing and transitions will be discussed.

Technical issues and application choices will be covered but not in excruciating detail.

Ian Dickinson is best known as a bird photographer but he tries other genres as well. Ian started serious photography after retirement 11 years ago and is a member of 4 area camera clubs, learning something different from each. He does slideshows for his own and family entertainment, and also for sharing at camera club meetings.

Please note from the previous announcement, that there will be an AGM and elections at the November 5th meeting.

Also if you did not get the previous announcement, the theme for critique is ‘Panning’. Each member is allowed one image for critique and can upload from the home page. Uploading requires a password and the password is ‘lighthouse’.

November 5th Meeting

Our special presenter this month is one of our own – Gilles Bisson. Gilles took up photography seriously after retirement and is a member and contributor to many local area clubs. He attributes his growth as a photographer to club particitation … interacting with other club members, participating in club activities and trying to improve by practicing on a continuous basis….. ie..learning from his mistakes.

“Photography is my excuse to go out and enjoy nature” … “it’s a never ending work in progress”. 

At the November Meeting Gilles will present: Black and White Images – A different medium to appreciate our photography. 

Gilles will focus on how to identify images that have a good chance of converting well to B&W with some tips on successfully converting images. He will go through some of the photos that he has converted …with a few technical issues thrown in.

Annual General Meeting. The AGM will be held after the break. At the last meeting Harry outlined the spots that are available. Please come prepared to participate and volunteer.

The theme for November is Panning. Upload your photos through the upload page or bring a print to place on the board. No way is preferred but note that there is still an error message when uploading which should be ignored. We are working to resolve this.

Member’s images for a slideshow should be sent by email to Ron at rvtrains@gmail.com at least a week before the meeting.

If you can, please come early to assist with setting up the chairs and tables.

Happy shooting.

October 1st Meeting

This month the Club welcomes Leslie Abram as our guest speaker.

“Secret lives of small creatures in your garden”

Leslie is a naturalist, environmental advocate, teacher, and photographer leslieabramwho lives north of Brighton, Ontario. Leslie’s goal with her photography is to ignite people’s curiosity about the amazing living things that share our earth. Ultimately, she hopes to encourage people to get outside, look closely, and reconnect with nature. She has had a keen curiosity about the natural world since she was young- and still wants to learn everything about each little creature she finds. She has built an extensive wildlife
garden on her property to encourage critters to come to her. Leslie shares her discoveries about the natural world in her blog entitled “Wildlife of Eastern Ontario” found at www.leslieabram.com. Here, she uses photos and stories to teach about everything from predatory insects, to owl pellets, to butterfly gardens. She also serves as a regular guest blogger for Nature Canada.

Leslie won the Canadian Wildlife Federation Reflections of Nature Photo Contest in the “flora” category for one of her water drop flower photos. Her photo was one of 10 featured at Canadian Wildlife Federation’s “Wild Art” Exhibitions in Vancouver and Ottawa.

“Look closely. You never know what you might find.”

Leslie is an amazing photographer and speaker who has previously enchanted the Club wit a presentation on her technique for water droplet photography and this promises to be a great meeting.

Please note that membership renewals are due at this meeting. Dues are $35 per member.

After the break it is the turn of the club members to participate.

Send images to Ron Viscosis for him to create a member’s slideshow. Ron’s email address is   rvtrains@gmail.com

The monthly theme for critique is “Deserted”.  Members can participate by bringing a print for display or by uploading an image using the upload monthly theme image button on the Homepage.

Each member should submit only 1 theme image for critique either by print or by uploading. Additional images can be placed on the other boards for critique.


Remember to bring a coffee mug for coffee during the break.





January 2019 Wrap-up

            Marie welcomed 36 members, two new members and five guests to our first meeting of 2019. Before our club presentation, Tim introduced Brighton Mayor Brian Ostrander and presented him with the Brighton Photo Group cheque in the amount of $1000.00 as a donation towards the new projector system. The Mayor thanked us for our stewardship in enhancing the quality of audio/visual in this multi-use facility. As club members can attest, the delivery of quality and true colour is essential to photographic displays and can only enhance our presentations.

            Marie then introduced our speakers, club members Clint and Susan Guy. They stepped up on short notice and gave a three-part presentation on their travels in India, Painting your pictures, and adventures in wild life. Their India presentation was extremely informative. While most of us would be content to just snap pictures along the way, Clint and Susan immersed themselves into the culture, and gave us a fascinating insight into Indian mosaic. Clint next gave a brief talk on having fun with Topaz software to make your ordinary pictures into countless works of art. They then finished their presentation with a wildlife journey through Algonquin with the types of photos most of us dream about: because while we sleep, they’re out before the sun comes up to capture the drama and beauty of nature.

            Following a short break, Ron ran the members’ slide show which. The submitted images were awe-inspiring. We can’t say it enough: there is a tremendous talent pool in our club, and we encourage everyone to submit images.

            We had sixteen  “Winter” theme pictures on display, as well as 15 “Your Choice” which Tim, the man who dislikes the cold, bravely critiqued. Next month we will attempt both print and digital submissions.

            Our next meeting is February 5th and the Theme will be “Love/Romance” ONLY ONE SUBMISSION PER MEMBER ON THE THEME BOARD OR WEBSITE.

Finally, John Zerafa went home with $35.50 as the winner of the 50/50.

January 15,2019 Meeting Program

1.     Unfortunately, our previously scheduled speaker is unavailable for this meeting. Club members, Clint and Susan Guy have stepped up to share their adventures from the past spring/summer. Their presentation will be broken into three parts:

       Travels in India

       Close Encounters with Wildlife

      How to Paint Your Photos.

2.`.  After the break, Marie will make a presentation to the Municpality of Brighton

3.     Following the break, Ron Visockis will show the members’ slide show. Members are encouraged to submit up to five images in jpeg format of 500-700 kb size to Ron at rvtrains@gmail.com

4.    Our theme for January is “Winter” . Although print displays are encouraged, you may also submit your theme images in digital format. Instructions for uploading will follow separately by email.

5.    Coffee, Tea, and goodies will be available at the break. Please lug your own mug. Break refreshments are only a loonie—– cheaper than half a medium TH….

December 4 Meeting Wrap-Up


            We had a good turnout for our last meeting of 2018. In addition to the 35 regular members, Marie welcomed three new members and two guests.

            Lewis Parker introduced our guest speaker, Bill Bickle, whose presentation took us on a journey with the grizzlies and spirit bears in the rainforests along British Columbia coastline. For most of us the journey itself would be a once in a lifetime event, but Bill has turned it into an annual passion. His anecdotes about his travels, close encounters, and the habitat and the bears’ behaviour were complemented with an amazing display of photographs. Since the majority of his photos were taken with a long lens from a Zodiac, he emphasized the need for higher ISOs and faster shutter speeds to minimize blur. He concluded his presentation with a stunning slide show of raptors, shot both in the great bear rainforest and locally. To view Bill’s images, visit www.BillBickle.com

            After the break, we viewed the members’ slide show, which once again highlighted the photographic talent of club members. We have witnessed the talents of our members through these monthly slide shows, yet we have witnessed a decline in member’s Theme submissions. Perhaps not everyone has a high-end photo printer or wish to spend the money on commercial prints. Consequently, in January, in addition to prints, we will also accept digital images for our Theme critiques. Separate instructions for uploading will be sent to members by email.

            Next we viewed Andrew Mason’s winning submission for our summer scavenger hunt and Harry presented him with his prize of two Hoselton Canadiana coasters.

            We had 5 members submit eight theme photographs (Christmas) and 6 members submitted ten your choice photos. Lewis Parker and Bill Bickle jointly critiqued these.

            Our next meeting will take place on January 15th. The Theme will be “Winter” Last but not least, Peter Gorski won the 50/50 and went home with $24.00.

            Whatever your religion, have a happy holiday with lots of fun, food, family, and award winning photos.   

December 4, 2018 Meeting

  1.  Our guest lecturer will be Bill Bickle, award winning nature photographer whose presentation is entitled “Paws, Claws, and Talons” along with the Spirit Bears of the West Coast Rainforest. Catch a glimpse of his works at BillBickle.com
  2. After the break, we’ll view the Scavenger Hunt winning photos, followed by the member’s slide show. Submit your photos to Ron Visockis  rvtrains@gmail.com  Pictures should be 500-600kb, jpeg format, and labelled with your name/title. DO NOT SEND at the eleventh hour!!! Cut off for submissions will be 30 November for inclusion in the December show.
  3. The theme for December is “Christmas” There has been a drop off in print submissions, so if you are more comfortable with a digital submission, email it to me and I will put submissions together for the critique.     email hkburg46@gmail.com.    Format and size don’t matter as I will put them into Lightroom for viewing. Note that prints are still preferred, but perhaps this option will encourage more submissions.
  4. Remember to Lug a Mug, bring a Loonie for coffee break, and a twonie for the 50/50 draw.
  5. We have not planned an outing for December due the “busy” season, but we’re looking at the Air Force Museum in Trenton for January. Details to follow.
  6. If you have not yet paid your dues, please do so at the December meeting. Happy shooting and we’ll see you on the 5th….. which by the way is when children of Dutch descent put their shoes by the door for the visit by “Sinter Klass”