November 6, 2018 Wrap-Up

            Tim welcomed forty-three members and 4 guests. He introduced Fletch Fletcher of the Brighton Barns project. Fletch expressed his appreciation to those members who volunteered their time and photographic skills to complete the project. Harry spoke on the summer scavenger hunt and announced the winner, Andrew Mason.

            Next, Tim introduced club member Joseph Leduc and his “Cold Weather Projects.” Joe described in detail the equipment, camera/flash settings, and props needed to photograph all of the unique images displayed in the accompanying poster above. He gets most of his simple props from the dollar store. The underlying message of his presentation was to have fun.

            For example, look at the water bead picture in the above poster. The background is a piece of coloured, patterned paper. Joe prints his own patterns, but you can use any colourful paper. The props include a piece of clear glass, an improvised platform to hold the glass, a can of Rain Ex (windshield cleaner) to bead the water drops, and a dollar store water atomizer. Set your camera’s controls to manual: shutter speed to sync with your flash (1/125 works), ISO 100-200), aperture f5 6 – f:8. Nest set your flash to manual and at its lowest power. Point the flash at the paper. The light bounces up and voila- abstract art. Move the paper and camera angles around to get different images. This was a fun and informative presentation that you can spend hours on (especially with your grandkids!!)

            After the break, Tim chaired a short AGM. The minutes will be posted separately. Your new executive is: Chair – Marie Mitchell, Co-Chair – Joseph Leduc,Secretary (remains open), Treasurer – Harry Kranenburg. The program/outings committee while not elected positions, will consist of Harry Kranenburg, Carol Wilson, Don Halcrow, Phyllis Naccarato, and Anita Reid.

            Ron Visockus presented the member’s slide show. Nine members submitted spectacular images, which once again highlighted the talent and diversity of club members. Finally, Mike Gaudaur critiqued the Theme submissions (Remembrance) in his imitable style. The most poignant image was submitted by Debbie Smit – an image of a pile of shoes taken at Auschwitz concentration camp.

            Next Month’s theme is “Christmas”………. Happy shooting.

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