April Wrap – Up

April 3, 2018 Meeting

We had 38 members (including two new members) and 12 guests present at today’s meeting. Bill Murtha went straight into the introduction of our guest speaker, Don Martel. Don is a professional photographer who has travelled extensively, cycled across the country, published a book of his travels, and has treated photography as a “life experience.”

The basic premise of his talk was that what you see with your eye is not what you get with your camera. While your eyes and brain perform as nature intended, interpreting the panoramas and colours of the natural world, the camera sees only what the engineers have built into their algorithms.

Following an initial explanation of the different metering systems in modern cameras as well as how the camera renders everything in neutral grey, he went on to explain how to compensate…. or not!!! Using many of his photographs, he showed how leaving the camera to meter would give those different results (like grey snow or a grey black cat). However, by letting the camera interpret the scene, he demonstrated that your results could be quite artistic. Thanks Don for a very informative session!! We have several members who are just starting out on their photographic discovery, and when they say that they learned a lot in this session, you know you’ve hit the bull’s eye…. Or spot meter!!!

Because this was a full session presentation, there was no theme critique or member slide show. The theme for our next meeting in May is “from a different viewpoint” Our 50/50 winner was Susan Guy who hopefully took Clint to lunch with her $29.00 winnings.

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