Loch-Sloy Field Trip

March Brighton Photo Group Field Trip

Where: Loch-Sloy Holdings, Picton. (The old World War 2 Air Base)

When: Saturday, March 24, 2018 (Rain Date if needed Sunday, March 25th)

Time: 10 AM to noon (or longer)

Cost: $10.00 on arrival.

Waiver of Liability: To be signed on arrival.

Dress: Outside. Dress for the weather.

This was one of the Commonwealth Air Training bases during the war. Many of the old buildings remain intact and have been repurposed. We don’t have access to the buildings, but the buildings and grounds offer a glimpse into the past as well as superb photo opportunities, especially for B&W fans.

How to get there: Go to Picton round-a bout, (at the Waring House) Follow Sandy Hook Road  (the Waring House entrance will be on your right). Proceed to the Stop sign at County Road 10. Turn right. In about ½ kilometre, you’ll come to County Road 22. Turn left and proceed to airfield on your right.

Lunch: Possible location is Bailey’s Casual Dining. It’s back at the junction of Sandy Hook Road and County Road 10. There are plenty of other photo ops in the area such as McCauley Mountain, Bird House Village, Lake on the Mountain, Picton Harbour…..

Make your own arrangements for car-pooling please.

Questions and intent to attend to Lewis Parker at janicelewis32@xplornet.ca

Presquile Field Trip

Tuesday, Jan 30, 2018
What: Presquile walking, driving,  birding tour
Time : 1:30 PM
Meet: Presquile Park entrance – car pool from there
 If you have one, bring your park pass and wild bird seed (for the Chickadees… or if you get hungry)
Democratic group vote to see if you want to capture the sunset over the ice/lake)
Warm up at Tim’s afterwards
Questions and confirmation on going to Marie Mitchell.      Email Mitchellmm5@hotmail.com
or phone 613-392-0913

December 2017 Meeting

Meeting date:  Tuesday, December 5th, from 9:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.

Location:          King Edward Park Community Centre, 75 Elizabeth St., Brighton  
                                          Parking at the back of the building

Our speaker will be Jonathon Van Bilsen and his presentation will be about Water and Ice. Jonathan hails from Port Perry, is a world traveller, and photographer extraordinaire!! If you want to preview some of his outstanding work, just Google his name and you’ll be directed to various web sites. His Facebook page also has a large collection of his images.

Ron Visockis will give a ten minute slide show of member submissions, and of course, the display of images for the Theme Abstract Fall Colours. If you photographed the Santa Claus parade, don’t forget those images…..


Work the Light presented by Philip Sun

Just a friendly reminder that the meeting on November 7th will be devoted entirely to a presentation by Philip Sun. For this presentation, guests will be charged $10.00
His  presentation “Work The Light” has four segments. The program is specially designed to help  camera club members to better understand the concepts of light, and train their visual senses toward seeing the light. Once they have mastered the technique on how and where to look for the light, they will begin to see a lot more interesting subjects that they normally would have passed up on.
Segment A: How and where to look for light
Segment B: Understanding the concepts of light
Segment C: How to make use of nature’s elements to help enhance the image quality
Segment D: Post processing on images that were taken in unfavorable lighting conditions
The duration of the show is about an hour and forty five minutes, with a fifteen minute break. He will have a small number of CDs made available to the club members to purchase at a cost of $5. This way, club members do not have to jot down notes in the dark. The contents on the CD will provide all instructions and image references of the evening program.

Belleville Santa Claus Parade

Heres an early notice to put on your calendars. After all, who doesn’t like a parade at Christmas time….
Where:  Belleville  Santa Claus Parade
When:   Sunday, November 19th, 2017
Time:    starts at 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm approx. and takes about 1 hour & 15 min. to pass any point
Details:  Parade starts at Quinte Exhibition Grounds (corner of Sidney & Bridge).  Proceeds east along Bridge Street to Front Street, turns north on Front Street, crosses the river and continues north on North Front Street to finish at King George Square.
For those of you who wish to carpool, Marie Mitchell will be at the Trenton Walmart car park (northeast corner) at 3:30 pm. Please contact her if you need a ride-mitchellmm5@hotmail.com.
A good vantage point is were the parade crosses the river from Front Street to North Front Street.
As this parade is at about every ones supper/dinner time, some of you may wish to have that meal out.  Suggested place is a restaurant called Bourbon Street on Market Street (which is one way east to west). 
Other photo opportunities for night photography are City Hall and the Bridge Street bridge before you head home.

October 2017 Meeting

Greetings & invitation to BPG Members and your Friends as our Guests

Meeting date:  Tuesday, October 3rd, from 9:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.

Location:          King Edward Park Community Centre, 75 Elizabeth St., Brighton  
                                          Parking at the back of the building

Our speaker will be Terry Carpenter, renowned conservationist and photographer. His presentation is titled: Abstract and Special Effects ( a description of abstract images and how they were accomplished).Terry has become a dedicated and accomplished photographer with many of his images published in brochures, magazines, coffee table books and calendars. In 2012, he took first and second place in the Clic Eastern Ontario Exhibition and sale.  Terry’s photography is a vision of the world around us perfectly preserved for all time for all to enjoy. 
Please arrive a little early because the new guy at the door will probably be a little slow.
The theme for this month is “Fading Beauty” You still have three weeks to record your imagination around this theme. Happy shooting

Photograph Dinosaurs and Whales in Trenton

As part of Trenton’s ‘Open Door’ arrangement, Research Casting International
will show visitors the actual whale skeleton the company is preparing for the
Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)
RCI came to our attention in a recent TV documentary, describing the firm’s work
in creating dinosaur replications for museums around the world.
Trenton ‘Open Door’ takes place on Saturday, September 16th, from 10-4; you get
to RCI going south on Dufferin – at the old roundhouse keep going straight south
(don’t turn right towards Carrying Place) turn left onto a small street
/lane-way until you arrive on the “Jurassic Parking-lot”. Picture taking is

BPG Outing-Tyendinaga Pow Wow

When-Sat. Aug.12
Cost-adults $10,  Seniors 65 + free

Enjoy a variety of traditional songs and dance and even participate. Observe
the Grande Entry at 12 noon and try traditional foods. There will be food
vendors or you may wish to pack a lunch.

Bring a lawn chair. There is very limited parking so car pool if possible.

Please RSVP to Marie (mitchellmm5@hotmail.com ) if you plan to join us or if
you need a ride. Meet at the south east corner of Walmart parking lot for 10
a.m. (Wooler Rd. ramps are closed)

Directions if driving: 275 Bayshore Rd.–# 49 south at Marysville to Bayshore
Rd. -turn left onto Bayshore.

June 2017 Meeting

Greetings & invitation to BPG Members and your Friends as our Guests

Meeting date:  Tuesday, June 6th, from 9:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.

Location:          King Edward Park Community Centre, 75 Elizabeth St., Brighton  
                                          Parking at the back of the building

The June meeting will be the last one until we continue after the summer break with an even better agenda, thanks to many members’ suggestions.

Returning for another much-anticipated presentation will be

Cindy Taylor to explain how to use


Our friends and relatives wishing to take up photography as a hobby will find much helpful information in the 51 page dPS Ultimate Guide to Photography for Beginners

[ https://s3.amazonaws.com/dps-ebooks/The+dPS+Ultimate+Guide+to+Photography+for+Beginners.pdf ]

Even ‘experts’ will benefit by referring to this abundantly illustrated “everything-guide”.

May 2017 Meeting Wrap-up

“Believe me, there is nothing — absolutely nothing — half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats,” said the Water Rat in Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame.

Thirty-four members and five guests enjoyed an exceptional insight into the world of wind-powered boating, when Geoff Webster had a huge number of boating shots sail across the projector screen in his excellent “Gone Sailing” presentation. With an easy flowing description, Geoff tried to give us the feeling of being close to the action. He explained the hectic anticipation of a crowded start across an invisible line between a boat and a buoy, trying to stay out of the way of all the other boats – looking for ‘clean air’ among as many as 150+ small craft. ‘Hiking out’ to counter-balance the force of the wind, being doused by the bow wave plashing over the boat, and in some cases the wind over-powering the boat and the crew, capsizing or even pitch poling as part of the fun (when younger!!). A shutter speed of 1/500 sec. minimum is required to catch the action and get good shots.

You may have noticed one photo of a small boat seemingly flying above the water, – a Moth, an experimental-class boat; they actually lift clear off the water and sail or fly on foils, as do the America’s Cup multihulls.

Like many other hobbies, sailing involves life-long learning in many aspects. Relating to photography, we learned how to care of ourselves to be safe on a boat and to take care of our equipment when on the water. Any member wishing to try boating photography from a dry vantage point will have a chance to do that at Quinte SailAbility at the CFB Trenton Yacht Club during July and August. Contact Fletch Fletcher of Brighton Digital Archives (the Barn Project) or yours truly (volunteer at QS) for more information.

After refreshments, we had a more specialised critique than usually. Geoff complimented the overall quality of our photography, but “zoomed in” on how individual pictures could “tell a better story”. “Avoid a white rim, as the eye is drawn to any white area.” (Some printers will not allow borderless printing.) To avoid color distortion, Geoff suggested using a spyder for display calibration, so the printed picture looks as we see it on the screen. Lucky for our members, Harry Kranenburg donated one of his units – contact yours truly if interested in using the spyder.

Geoff Webster further suggested to use ISO 400 and f:16 to experiment and work with the light. Lucky again: Our June presentation by Cindy Taylor will be “Natural Light”.


Frances Linton-Schell drew attention to the Hospice Walk “Move for what matters”, which will take place at 11:00 am on Sunday, May 7th at the Brighton Memorial Park, across from the two banks on Main Street.  

Marie Mitchell distributed slips for everyone to make a suggestion for next season’s themes and presentations.

Lewis Parker had the winning ticket for the 50/50 draw, and received $26. Congrats, Lewis, well deserved for all the work you do for the BPG.

Information about the potential field trip to Conan Garden Center will follow.

Theme for June is Buds