Work the Light presented by Philip Sun

Just a friendly reminder that the meeting on November 7th will be devoted entirely to a presentation by Philip Sun. For this presentation, guests will be charged $10.00
His  presentation “Work The Light” has four segments. The program is specially designed to help  camera club members to better understand the concepts of light, and train their visual senses toward seeing the light. Once they have mastered the technique on how and where to look for the light, they will begin to see a lot more interesting subjects that they normally would have passed up on.
Segment A: How and where to look for light
Segment B: Understanding the concepts of light
Segment C: How to make use of nature’s elements to help enhance the image quality
Segment D: Post processing on images that were taken in unfavorable lighting conditions
The duration of the show is about an hour and forty five minutes, with a fifteen minute break. He will have a small number of CDs made available to the club members to purchase at a cost of $5. This way, club members do not have to jot down notes in the dark. The contents on the CD will provide all instructions and image references of the evening program.

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