February 2019 Wrap-Up

            Marie welcomed 39 regular members and four guests to our February Meeting. She was followed by Lewis who introduced club member Joseph Leduc as our guest speaker. Joseph’s presentation, titled Photography 101, was a college course in photographic principles, shooting tips, and down home philosophy on creating images with a “wow” factor. Hopefully we’ll be able to post his talking point slides on our web site in the near future. However, there were some significant points that we should implement immediately:

1.    After every shoot, return all of your camera settings to your normal neutral starting point. That way you won’t inadvertently leave some unwanted settings on your next shoot.

2.   Before clicking the shutter, think through what you want your image to be and

set your ISO, shutter speed, aperture, colour balance (etc.) accordingly.

3.    When you’re at your location, plan your shoot as if you will never return (ie. Don’t do the “oh well” I’ll get it the next time).

            After the break, Ron ran the members’ slide show, which never ceases to amaze us at the incredible talent in this club. Next, Mike critiqued member “theme” submissions (Love/Romance). A total of 7 theme and 7 other images were on display. Apparently we do have an Internet connection at the hall, so next month on line submissions will also be encouraged for critique.

            Last month the 50/50 winner was posted incorrectly. It was actually John Joaquin who went home with the loot, and this week’s winner, Peter Gorski, went home $25.00 richer.

            The theme for March is “Hands”

Good shooting all.

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