January 2017 Meeting

Despite our colorful world and color-photography, we all have seen the stunning effect a good black & white picture has. One of our many talented members will inspire us to give B&W a try (again).

Gilles Bisson presents

Black & White Photography

On his website,  Gilles says, ”I am a retired Chartered Accountant and moved to Belleville from Kapuskasing in the summer of 2010. I had dabbled in photography for a few years but never really got into it until retirement. With a little more time on my hands, I decided to take a few photography courses and finally started to learn how to use my camera equipment. Learning photography combined with my love of nature and kayaking is all I needed to develop a great hobby.

I enjoy nature photography, and the surrounding conservation areas/provincial parks provide me with an incredible area to explore.

I use a canon T3i and a 6D with canons EF 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 L and EF 24-105mm f4L lenses. Carting all this stuff around in a kayak can sometimes be a bit of a challenge but so far I have managed to remain right side up and dry.

Now that I have discovered the amazing variety of birds that reside in and migrate through the area, I am eager to learn more about birding. It’s proving to be a great supplement to my photography and kayaking.

In line with Gilles’ presentation, the January photo display theme is:   Black & White

The theme in February is: Shadows

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