February 2019 Wrap-Up

            Marie welcomed 39 regular members and four guests to our February Meeting. She was followed by Lewis who introduced club member Joseph Leduc as our guest speaker. Joseph’s presentation, titled Photography 101, was a college course in photographic principles, shooting tips, and down home philosophy on creating images with a “wow” factor. Hopefully we’ll be able to post his talking point slides on our web site in the near future. However, there were some significant points that we should implement immediately:

1.    After every shoot, return all of your camera settings to your normal neutral starting point. That way you won’t inadvertently leave some unwanted settings on your next shoot.

2.   Before clicking the shutter, think through what you want your image to be and

set your ISO, shutter speed, aperture, colour balance (etc.) accordingly.

3.    When you’re at your location, plan your shoot as if you will never return (ie. Don’t do the “oh well” I’ll get it the next time).

            After the break, Ron ran the members’ slide show, which never ceases to amaze us at the incredible talent in this club. Next, Mike critiqued member “theme” submissions (Love/Romance). A total of 7 theme and 7 other images were on display. Apparently we do have an Internet connection at the hall, so next month on line submissions will also be encouraged for critique.

            Last month the 50/50 winner was posted incorrectly. It was actually John Joaquin who went home with the loot, and this week’s winner, Peter Gorski, went home $25.00 richer.

            The theme for March is “Hands”

Good shooting all.

January 15,2019 Meeting Program

1.     Unfortunately, our previously scheduled speaker is unavailable for this meeting. Club members, Clint and Susan Guy have stepped up to share their adventures from the past spring/summer. Their presentation will be broken into three parts:

       Travels in India

       Close Encounters with Wildlife

      How to Paint Your Photos.

2.`.  After the break, Marie will make a presentation to the Municpality of Brighton

3.     Following the break, Ron Visockis will show the members’ slide show. Members are encouraged to submit up to five images in jpeg format of 500-700 kb size to Ron at rvtrains@gmail.com

4.    Our theme for January is “Winter” . Although print displays are encouraged, you may also submit your theme images in digital format. Instructions for uploading will follow separately by email.

5.    Coffee, Tea, and goodies will be available at the break. Please lug your own mug. Break refreshments are only a loonie—– cheaper than half a medium TH….

December 4 Meeting Wrap-Up


            We had a good turnout for our last meeting of 2018. In addition to the 35 regular members, Marie welcomed three new members and two guests.

            Lewis Parker introduced our guest speaker, Bill Bickle, whose presentation took us on a journey with the grizzlies and spirit bears in the rainforests along British Columbia coastline. For most of us the journey itself would be a once in a lifetime event, but Bill has turned it into an annual passion. His anecdotes about his travels, close encounters, and the habitat and the bears’ behaviour were complemented with an amazing display of photographs. Since the majority of his photos were taken with a long lens from a Zodiac, he emphasized the need for higher ISOs and faster shutter speeds to minimize blur. He concluded his presentation with a stunning slide show of raptors, shot both in the great bear rainforest and locally. To view Bill’s images, visit www.BillBickle.com

            After the break, we viewed the members’ slide show, which once again highlighted the photographic talent of club members. We have witnessed the talents of our members through these monthly slide shows, yet we have witnessed a decline in member’s Theme submissions. Perhaps not everyone has a high-end photo printer or wish to spend the money on commercial prints. Consequently, in January, in addition to prints, we will also accept digital images for our Theme critiques. Separate instructions for uploading will be sent to members by email.

            Next we viewed Andrew Mason’s winning submission for our summer scavenger hunt and Harry presented him with his prize of two Hoselton Canadiana coasters.

            We had 5 members submit eight theme photographs (Christmas) and 6 members submitted ten your choice photos. Lewis Parker and Bill Bickle jointly critiqued these.

            Our next meeting will take place on January 15th. The Theme will be “Winter” Last but not least, Peter Gorski won the 50/50 and went home with $24.00.

            Whatever your religion, have a happy holiday with lots of fun, food, family, and award winning photos.   

December 4, 2018 Meeting

  1.  Our guest lecturer will be Bill Bickle, award winning nature photographer whose presentation is entitled “Paws, Claws, and Talons” along with the Spirit Bears of the West Coast Rainforest. Catch a glimpse of his works at BillBickle.com
  2. After the break, we’ll view the Scavenger Hunt winning photos, followed by the member’s slide show. Submit your photos to Ron Visockis  rvtrains@gmail.com  Pictures should be 500-600kb, jpeg format, and labelled with your name/title. DO NOT SEND at the eleventh hour!!! Cut off for submissions will be 30 November for inclusion in the December show.
  3. The theme for December is “Christmas” There has been a drop off in print submissions, so if you are more comfortable with a digital submission, email it to me and I will put submissions together for the critique.     email hkburg46@gmail.com.    Format and size don’t matter as I will put them into Lightroom for viewing. Note that prints are still preferred, but perhaps this option will encourage more submissions.
  4. Remember to Lug a Mug, bring a Loonie for coffee break, and a twonie for the 50/50 draw.
  5. We have not planned an outing for December due the “busy” season, but we’re looking at the Air Force Museum in Trenton for January. Details to follow.
  6. If you have not yet paid your dues, please do so at the December meeting. Happy shooting and we’ll see you on the 5th….. which by the way is when children of Dutch descent put their shoes by the door for the visit by “Sinter Klass”

November 6, 2018 Wrap-Up

            Tim welcomed forty-three members and 4 guests. He introduced Fletch Fletcher of the Brighton Barns project. Fletch expressed his appreciation to those members who volunteered their time and photographic skills to complete the project. Harry spoke on the summer scavenger hunt and announced the winner, Andrew Mason.

            Next, Tim introduced club member Joseph Leduc and his “Cold Weather Projects.” Joe described in detail the equipment, camera/flash settings, and props needed to photograph all of the unique images displayed in the accompanying poster above. He gets most of his simple props from the dollar store. The underlying message of his presentation was to have fun.

            For example, look at the water bead picture in the above poster. The background is a piece of coloured, patterned paper. Joe prints his own patterns, but you can use any colourful paper. The props include a piece of clear glass, an improvised platform to hold the glass, a can of Rain Ex (windshield cleaner) to bead the water drops, and a dollar store water atomizer. Set your camera’s controls to manual: shutter speed to sync with your flash (1/125 works), ISO 100-200), aperture f5 6 – f:8. Nest set your flash to manual and at its lowest power. Point the flash at the paper. The light bounces up and voila- abstract art. Move the paper and camera angles around to get different images. This was a fun and informative presentation that you can spend hours on (especially with your grandkids!!)

            After the break, Tim chaired a short AGM. The minutes will be posted separately. Your new executive is: Chair – Marie Mitchell, Co-Chair – Joseph Leduc,Secretary (remains open), Treasurer – Harry Kranenburg. The program/outings committee while not elected positions, will consist of Harry Kranenburg, Carol Wilson, Don Halcrow, Phyllis Naccarato, and Anita Reid.

            Ron Visockus presented the member’s slide show. Nine members submitted spectacular images, which once again highlighted the talent and diversity of club members. Finally, Mike Gaudaur critiqued the Theme submissions (Remembrance) in his imitable style. The most poignant image was submitted by Debbie Smit – an image of a pile of shoes taken at Auschwitz concentration camp.

            Next Month’s theme is “Christmas”………. Happy shooting.


Our presenter for the November 6th meeting is Club member Joseph Leduc. Joe has an extraordinary talent for making common everyday items into photographic works of art. His presentation will feature the “how-to” aspect of his photography, complemented by real time demonstrations. You will be amazed!!

Following the break, Ron Visockis will have a short slide show of member’s submissions, which really highlights the talent and versatility of club members’s work.  A brief viewing of the scavenger hunt winner’s pictures and prize presentation will follow..

Next on the agenda,  the new executive and program committee members will be elected

Finally, we will receive a critique of members’ theme pictures. This month: Remembrance.

Guests are welcome and will be charged a nominal fee of $5.00 for this meeting.

Remember to lug a mug.





October 2nd, 2018 Meetin

  1. Our guest speaker will feature Phil Norton, widely known as the County Photographer. He is recognized for his wide variety of workshops, photo excursions with individuals or groups, as well as his featured articles in several publications. His latest undertaking is drone photography and drone photo instruction. To view his biography, and to get an idea of his talents and diversity, visit his web site at philnorton.net
  2. The second half of the program will feature our member’s slide show and the critique of this month’s theme submissions “Spooky”
  3. DUES: Membership fees are due at this meeting. Still a bargain at only $35.00 per year. Cash and correct change preferred.
  4. Please arrive a little early to assist with the set-up.



June 2, 2018 Meeting Update


            We wrapped up the season with 36 members, as well as one new member (Andy Penrose), and three guests present. Before our feature presentation, Marie gave a small token of our appreciation to Marylyn Pickell for setting up refreshments at all of our meetings. Tim spoke briefly about Brighton Council’s decision to replace the projector system in the meeting room. This will result in a much more true to life rendition of presentations and member submissions. Marie also spoke about the June field trip, which can be found elsewhere on this site.

            Our feature presenter was Ian Dickenson who spoke about the impact bird photography made on his life. After a full career in the work world, he invested in a camera and took his first shot. He showed us a rather mediocre shot of some ducks playing in the water. When he studied the image more closely, he realized that these ducks were all different. This led him into the world of birding and photography, or as he calls it, photobirding. Key points in Ian’s presentation, besides great images, were to look at the world around you. In photographing birds, or for that matter, any type of wildlife, understand the subject’s food sources through the season, as well as migratory paths (and rest stops). This will lead you to the venue and your patience will be rewarded not only with great photos but also with what he calls “in the zone.” (aka away from the rat race!!)

            After the break, we viewed 54 slides in the popular segment of member’s submissions. No critiques during this segment… just an enjoyment of the imagery of our talented members.

            Next Mike Gaudaur conducted his popular teaching critique member’s theme submissions (Tiny). We had seven theme submissions and five member’s choice. In this segment, John Zerafa deserves special mention for his incredible hummingbird in flight taken at 1/8000th of a second. Well done to all members who submitted.

            New for the summer, the club will conduct a photo scavenger hunt. Details may be found elsewhere on this website.

            Last but not least, Ted Porham, one of our guests, went home with $23.00 from our 50/50 draw.

            Safe holidays and may the “light” be with you.



Just because our next meeting isn’t until October shouldn’t mean we put our creativity aside for the summer. By all means, shoot documentary photos of family outings, vacations, pets, kids, etc etc. BUT also shoot creatively for entry into our first annual summer PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT. The hunt starts now and will close for submissions on September 30th. This means we are looking for pictures taken during this time frame. The intent is NOT to mine your archives for submissions. The rules are quite simple:

The contest is open only to paid up BPG members exclusive of the judges.

Submit one photo of each of the subjects listed below (10 in all)

You may submit your photos at any time until the contest closes, but you don’t have to submit them all at once. Remember, your poor scribe has to compile them into albums for judging!!!!

Send your photos jpeg format; 500-600 kb to:   hkburg46@gmail.com

Judging will take place during the month of September and the winner will be announced at our October meeting (and be awarded a prize – NO it’s not a Timmie’s Card!!!!)

Points will be awarded for capturing the subject as well as adherence to those factors that make a great photograph…. you know, center of interest, lighting, composition, etc etc

The top three entries will be shown at the November meeting


Have fun and happy shooting.


Subjects:  Spokes on a bike;   Sprinkler;   Rain;  Stairs;  A Warm Breeze;  Umbrellas;  At the Beach;  Headphones;  Enjoying Ice Cream; Yourself (but not an arm’s length selfie)



BPG Haute Goat & Primitive Designs Field Trip

Where:      Port Hope

When:       June 20

Time:        9:30   -meet at the car park #30 and 401 at Brighton


  1. We will go to Haute Goat—-1166 5th. Line Newtonville–discover the magic of Nigerian Dwarf goats, alpacas, chickens and horses on a 200-acre farm;
  2. Lunch at Swiss Chalet-  #28 & 401–after lunch
  3. Primitive Designs –exotic and unusual antiques and crafts from around the world–#28-2 min. N of 401 

How to Get There: 401 to Port Hope–take Exit 456 for Wesleyville Rd.–keep right at the fork-merge onto Morrish Church Rd.–Turn left onto county Rd. #2–Turn right onto county Rd 65–Turn left onto 5th Line–Haute Goat will be on the right. There will be Haute goat signs.

Attending? Questions and intent to participate to Marie at mitchellmm5@hotmail.com